Transparency is a piece that came to be after the August 4th Beirut port blast while I was back in Lebanon for a month. I reflect on certain words and their implications such as control, frame, manipulate, transparent and the many ways they juxtapose the Lebanese political system alongside our quotidian lives. I manipulate and control these small shattered pieces of glass that are left behind from the August 4th explosion to create the map of Lebanon, an attempt to rebuild the country from whatever pieces are left. The city of Beirut, has been destroyed and rebuilt seven times, while the country attempts to rebuild it for the eighth time this year.

To work with glass is to be aware that it could shatter at any second, a fear that lingers in the country, a fine line that is being walked everyday. From this piece, I aim to reflect the irony between the transparency of glass and the lack of transparency in the country. I reveal the paradoxes between the materiality of glass and the actions of the corrupt government.