UCLA New Wight Biennial

Curated by: Farshid Bazmandegan and Rachel Hakimian Emenaker

The New Wight Biennial 2022Between the Self and its True Home highlights multidisciplinary works from artists exploring ideas of exile, diaspora, and migration. Between the Self and its True Home features the work of 27 artists from across the globe, which encompass some of the many stories of the present-day challenges which the artists have experienced due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, war, and persecution. It proposes that the work of these artists in between their current home and former home (whether ancestral or physical) has created a place for timely and meaningful work across places and borders.


Hopkinton Center for the Arts

Presented by guest curator and artist Flor Delgadillo

Displacement will seek awareness about what goes on beyond our borders, the gentrification and the erasure of community. The preservation of culture through stories and as well as reevaluating political systems. The group of artists come from different parts of the world all  sharing the lived experience of constant migration.